Amy Kline

Amy Kline Sculptural Porcelain July 14-18th

Porcelain in progress 1/14 (blasted and carved)

Porcelain cup and tumbler in celadon glaze with polished porcelain

Masking and blasting, textures and polishing bare porcelain. Compliment your glazes by adding a sculptural surface to your work. Throwing, altering and sculptural techniques will be covered in this hands-on workshop. Includes a bisque firing and techniques for masking and glazing.



Fee: $630.00

Onsite Housing: $80.00 a night. Lodging is also available near by at the Santa Fe Casino or La Quinta Inn. Call Ruth at 702-685-7573 for details.

Note: 25 lbs. of Coleman Porcelain and the use of altering and carving tools is included in this workshop. Extra porcelain and Bison tools are available for purchase.

Call Ruth at 702-685-7573 to register

Amy Kline

Tumblers. Porcelain 6.5"x 3.5"

received a BFA in Ceramics from Alfred University in 1990. She continued her education with an MFA in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Amy moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1995 and worked as a welder for 6 years. She started building Pottery West in the fall of 2001.

In April of 2010 Amy made a commitment to create her work in Coleman Porcelain for it’s throwing and incising capabilities. Celadon glaze and micro-bubble glaze emphasize the incised work she carves into her forms.

Artist Statement

Touching (and being able to feel) is what moves me to work in porcelain. My sense of form has evolved since I began throwing porcelain in 2005. Creating form is a 3 dimensional canvas. I see forms within forms as I alter, sculpt, draw, and incise. I pay close attention to light and shadow to bring out incredibly fluid forms.

In workshop presentations

Contour III 25.5"x 5.5" 2010

Amy demonstrates throwing, altering and incising on greenware porcelain. Amy works with porcelain at every stage of greenware and bisque to create translucent porcelain ware.

Amy also teaches you how to apply celadon glaze in a way that accentuates the intricate details of your work in translucent porcelain. Learn which porcelain and celadon are completely compatible.

While creating forms and laying out designs Amy is influenced by her early studies in figure drawing and graphic design. Her style is influenced by having spent time studying dance, music and theater.

Amy studied ceramics with Jean Parsons (Interlochen Arts Academy 1985), Val Cushing, and Tom and Elaine Coleman.

Thank you to Tom and Elaine for their advice and support with Pottery West and the development of her work in porcelain.

“Learning to look at your work in terms of light and shadow has the potential to elevate the quality of your work.”

shots 2013. The Kentucky Museum for The Bourbon Show in Louisville, KY

Petite set of Three 2011. In the ceramic collection at the University of Colorado.

Kline demonstrating a section-thrown vase at Sierra Nevada College June 2012





6 Responses to “Amy Kline”

  1. Rudy Bauer says:

    Hi Amy…I also have a new web site which I can keep up myself and add photos. I’m still learning but do like the convenience. I saw Tom and Elaine in San Diego 2 weeks ago for the porcelain work shop. I could have skipped everyone else and just watched Tom the entire time. RB

  2. Norma Price says:

    I am just a hobby potter, but I have learned enough in just a few classes with Amy to realize how valuable an experience she has given me already. I know that my work can only improve at Pottery West. NJP

  3. Electa Sam says:


    I enjoyed and am inspired by your porcelain pieces. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in th art world.

  4. Electa Sam says:

    Absolutely am totally inspired by your art. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Electa Sam says:

    Hi Amy ,

    The website is Taste of Sake Honolulu. This year it is in July. Contact Chris who is in charge of the Honolulu venue.

  6. Norma Price says:

    Thanks for keeping in touch.

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